Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

This day of the year seems to soon whip round, and as I've got older I have began to appreciate the day more. I don't know about you but when I was younger I was always like
"Pfffft Mother's Day, what do you need that for, well tight why can't we have a children's day?!"
But now I see it as an extra special day to make a fuss of your Mum and show her how much you love her and how you appreciate all she does for you. It's not until you sit down and think about it or either have children of your own or perhaps are left in charge for a couple of days that you realise how much in fact Mums do!

One pretty amazing category of people I say!

So if you can today I hope you show your Mum what you think of her and treat her special. And remember that it's not always about buying big bunches of flowers or expensive chocolates. As long as its from you, their son or daughter they will be happy with anything. Even if its doing the house chores ALL DAY or writing her a poem.... A motto I always say is:
"It is the thought, time and effort that counts!"
Which is completely true!

I made my Mum her favourite cake, chocolate and orange drizzle cake with marbled chocolate on top. Can't wait to see her face!

So with it being Mother's Day I read some Mother related facts the other day and thought I'd share them with you!

- The surnames of Chinese people often start with a variation of or a word similar to 'mother'. They believe this is a way of honouring mothers past and present.

- Every year in the UK Mother's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

- Mother giraffes often give birth standing up. So their new baby's first experience in the outside world is usually a 6 foot drop! (The poor things...getting them used to heights early though haha!)

- With over 12,000 babies being born on this day - Tuesday was the most popular day to give birth and become a mother in 2012!

- The majority of the world's languages for the word 'mother' begin with the letter M.

- In her life time female oysters can produce over 100 million babies! (That's a lot of Mother's Day cards to open hehe!)

Have a great day with your Mum if you can today, and until next time,


  1. Hey thanks for following me at I now follow you xx

    That cake looks so yummy :) you're very talented. Check out what I made for my mum on my blgo xx

    1. Your welcome, your blog is amazing! Spent ages on it today looking around! Thanks for the follow. Haha the cake has gone down well today! xx

  2. That's a really lovely post and I love those facts.

    I haven't got my mum anything yet as I am getting her something from the botanics range and its out of stock! I would have loved to have baked her a cake but she's dieting to get to a happy weight for some surgery she needs so - But I really hope your mum enjoyed her cake, such a lovely idea!

    I spent my mothers day like any other day but my son was very well behaved so I'll pretend that was his gift to me :D

    1. Aww thank you for your lovely comment :) Glad you enjoyed the facts, I love them, always handy to impress people with sometimes, I especially liked the giraffe one!

      Oooh hope the botanics range stock up soon, sometimes the best things come after a little wait don't they!

      Well that is a money can't buy gift from your son :) Bless him x

  3. lovely post, nice cake you made, need to try making this one time too:)X

    1. Awww thanks Greta :) I have done a recent blog post of the recipe for it if you fancied a go! Great blog x


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