Thursday, 7 March 2013

Avon Cosmetics - Sleeptherapy - Sleep Balm

Well hello everyone!

Finally I am back with a normal post, as I said in my last mini post, so sorry I haven't blogged for quite some time, I have been so busy with one thing and another, blogging just hasn't been able to fit in! Anyway I am back in action now and I am bringing you my thoughts on: Avon's Sleeptherapy range - "Sleep Balm".

What brought me to this product?

A couple of years ago, I was having horrendous nights sleep, about 3 hours max per night, it was horrible, and if you have had bad nights sleep reading this...literally like how loooooong do them nights last?!?! Feels like the clock does 1 minute forwards, and then 5 minutes back! Anyway, my Auntie knew about my bad sleep and was placing an order with Avon herself, so she added this sleep balm to the order for me to try....

The Product:

- It comes in a 10ml pot.

- It's consistency is quite waxy, very similar to vaseline, for example if vaseline scored 10/10 on the grease/wax front, I'd give this a 6/10..(I hope you can imagine what I mean there!)

- For it to work best it is suggested for you to apply it to: your temples, and other pulse points such as your neck and wrists.

- It has a calming soothing scent, nothing over powering, but you can tell you have something on!

Where can I buy it from?

Well there are three products in the 'Sleeptherapy' brand:
- Sleep Balm
               - Currently £1.50 on this avon link
               - £3.60 from this ebay seller

- Body Wash
               - Currently £1.75 on this avon link
               - £4.45 from this ebay seller

- Pillow Mist
               Currently £2.25 on this avon link
               - £3.25 from this ebay seller

My Review:

- I like this product ALOT. So much so I have spotted I am scrapping the bottom so I have just ordered another pot.
- I don't use it every night and I wouldn't advise you to either, as I think your body becomes used to things and then doesn't do its job any more.
- I think the packaging is cool - I even find looking at the blue cloud like lid relaxing (haha), its small, easy to store or travel around with.
- You can get the product out so easily.
- It doesn't stain or mark anything.

And now for the burning question on all your minds...does it work?!
- Yes! I really think it does, I mean its not a miracle sleep cure, like it doesn't pass chemicals through your body to make you sleep or anything like that, it is more the smell which is meant to be soothing and calming to you (and probably more science like things which I don't know!).
- Every time I put it on, I always have a better nights sleep, now whether that is because of the product or my mind thinking: 
"Oh I have got sleep balm on tonight I will have a better nights sleep."
I'm not sure, but nether the less, I am having better sleep with using it, and even if it is just my brain playing tricks on me, I don't really mind, as I am getting the results I want, the product is not harming me in anyway or leaving any side effects like sleeping pills may do for example, and it smells lovely, so I can only see a win win situation!

- The price is great, mine has lasted me at least 2 years if not more, so you are definitely getting your moneys worth!

So let me know, do you have trouble getting to sleep? Are there any other great sleep balms or sprays you can use? Or have you used Avons sleep balm before? Do you agree with my thoughts?!

Thanks for reading, untill next time...


  1. i've never heard of this product before but it sounds really good! I know what you mean about those nights feeling like they'll never end, it's horrible having problems sleeping! Thank you for the follow lovely :)

    Kerry x

    1. Yeah it is really good, my second pot arrived through the post today - hooray!

      Eurgh I know, they drag and drag don't they! Aah your welcome, really like your blog! x

  2. I've never heard of a product like this before, sounds interesting! I might have to give it a try :) x

    1. Let me know if you do! It definitely seems to do the trick for me on them bad nights! Followed your blog - it's great :) x

  3. Come across your blog post googling this balm for some feedback, I brought it a while back and I've used it a few time, I definitely think it's done the trick for me. :)
    Lovely blog x

    1. Ah thank you Vicki! I have checked out your blog too and it is brilliant! I have followed it on blog lovin' :)
      I agree, whether it actually does something or if it is just tricking our minds - either way it does something doesnt't it! x


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