Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Justin Bieber Girlfriend Eau de Parfum - Review

Whats going on bloggers?

So yesterday I got myself another unexpected treat, I got "Justin Biebers - Girlfriend" perfume.

I have never smelt this before, but I was walking through Debenhams and it was there at the end of the counter and I thought:
"Oooh let's have a spray"
And whoahhh, it is gorgeous! I have only ever had 2 brands of perfumes in my life, my nose only seems to like certain scents, and when I like something, I like it... hence why I have stuck to the same two for so long, in case you are wondering which two they are:

- Paco Rabanne Black XS - (LINK TO BLACK XS)
- Christina Aguilera - (LINK TO CHRISTINA AGUILERA)

Anyway, I sprayed it on and continued my shopping and I kept smelling my wrist and thinking:
"Oh man I love this smell so much, I think I need to buy it!"
Then I got into Boots, and it was 30ml for £24.00 or an offer of 50ml for £19.96!! (LINK GIRLFRIEND PERFUME) Well needless to say, that did it, I felt like I had no choice but to buy it for under £20!! 

My Review:

- It lasts! Having sprayed this on my wrist at 11am, when I was watching television that evening around 9pm I could still smell the fragrance on my wrist - granted it was weaker, but nether the less, I could still smell it!

- The scent contains the smells: pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot nectar, orange blossom, sparkling pear, crisp mandarin, rich blackberry, mara strawberry, vanilla orchid and luminous musk. (I apologise I am terrible at describing scents, so I thought I would stick to the facts!)

- As you will be able to see from the images below, the overall packaging design is pretty funky to look at, it is bright, bold, unqiue and it makes you want to touch it. However, from a practical, carrying it around in your hand bag point of view though - it is perhaps not so great!

- The bottle slips out of the packaging very easily and then you are just left with a standard which is suitable for carrying around! It is a deep purple colour in the shape of a love heart.

- I cannot fault this product, especially the price I managed to get it for, Boots are doing a killer offer at the moment!

If you are thinking of getting a new perfume soon, I would suggest going for a free spray of this - see what you think... what is the worst that can happen? ;)

Let me know your favourite perfumes, have you bought any recently?!

See you next time, 


  1. Really want to smell this now! x

    1. Oh it's so nice Hannah! Get to boots for a whiff asap ;) x

  2. Cute bottle too x

    check out my cath kidston giveaway

    1. Yeah it's nice isn't it! Very unique :)
      Thanks I have followed your blog x

  3. I've bought Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj u would love iit


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