Sunday, 27 January 2013

Neat Ideas - Cupcake Corer - A Review and Tutorial #1

What is going on blogging world?! How are you all on this snow-free sunday afternoon? Very well I hope!

So today from the very long blog title (sorry about that!), I am here to bring you my opinions and how to use "Neat Ideas - Cupcake Corer" (link to their website). I picked this up just before Christmas from my local garden centre for a mere £2.99. 
Now I am a big baker, I am always making things, cakes, buns, pasties, pies all sorts, so when I spotted this little could I resist?

So firstly I will give you a quick rundown on how to use it:

The Front Packaging
The Back Packaging with useful instructions to use


1. So out of the packet the corer looks like this, small, easy to see what is going on inside it and only two parts, the clear plastic section, and the red plastic plunger section.


2. You will need to bake some buns for this, or even a large cake... whatever your preference is!


3. Place the cupcake corer on top of your bun, try to get it as central as you can.


4. Slowly and whilst holding onto the bun, lower the plunger into the bun as far as it will go.


5. Give the plunger a twist (the corer shows which way to do so on the plastic) and pull it out of the bun. Once you have done this you will be left with the centre piece of your bun in the tube.


6. To remove the cake from the tube simply press the red part down and it will fall out.


7. You will be left then with a decent size hole in your bun - all ready to fill!


8. Fill up the centre with whatever you fancy - cream, sweets, fruit. I have opted for raspberry jam here and filled it up to the top of the hole. With the cake you removed, cut off the excess part as it will not fit back in the hole with the filling in, just save the top section.


9. Pop the buns little hat back on and then you can leave it like this or decorate it further, it will give whoever bites into it a great surprise of a tastey filling!


My Review:

So my thoughts on this are: thank goodness I bought you! I mean, granted it hasn't changed my life, and it hasn't changed the taste of my buns, but it has added to them and made them even better.

It is solid plastic, so rips and breakages should be almost impossible - unless you decide to go at it with a sledge hammer! It washes up very easy and it is very small so keeping it in a box/cupboard or drawer should cause no issues.

Although it is a cupcake corer essentially, I feel this can have multi-purposes. As the video above the product showed me in the shop, you can core an apple, pineapple and a strawberry for example, have them all in the tube, then push them out and inert a cocktail stick and voila you have a mini fruit kebab, which will go great for any summer parties or picnics you may have.

And at £2.99 or £3 the website is retailing it at, even if you don't use if frequently, it is hardly going to break the bank.

I give the cupcake corer 10/10 ... it was easy to use, wash, store and there was no issues with using it, it took the cake centre out perfectly and allowed me to put in my filling!

I hope this review was of some use to you. 
Let me know have you used it before? Do you have any baking must haves?

Until next time,

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow, Snow and Snowy Facts!

Hello again blogging world, now if you are reading this and you live in the United Kingdom, or perhaps happen to know some of the UK's weather... you will know at the moment we are covered in.... SNOW!

I have to say alot of people make a whole heap of fuss when the snow hits England, every radio station is talking about it (well all the news ones at least). We have to have specialist experts in on the TV to say:

"Don't travel if you don't need to"
 The country is like it goes on shut down....not everyone is like this but a big portion are!

I think, yes it can cause problems and make things more difficult like having to de-frost your car, or sweep snow off it, and wear more layers and stuff, and just generally be colder, but really, it doesn't stop the world from turning and the day from starting...I say...

"People just get on with it! If it hinders you a little bit, remember it won't be here forever and just enjoy it and appreciate it and enjoy all the snowy things you can!"

Now in my initial blog post, I said I am going to give you some Facts... so why not make it some snowy facts!

  • Snow flakes have a top speed of falling 1.7 metres per second.
  • Snow flakes are a hexagon shape, but the majority of them are not symmetrical, this is due to uneven temperatures when falling, dirt and other factors which causes them to be lopsided.
  • On the 2nd February 2009, enough snow fell in the UK for everyone to make 250,000 snowballs each!
  • Having the fear of snow is called: Chionophobia.

I had a day off today (not a snow day, just a general day off!), so I took full advantage of that and went for a walk in the snow and I have attached a few pictures from my snow day...hope you enjoy them :) 
I made a snow angel today! 

How pretty does the snow make everything look?!

How perfect is this tree?!

Thank you for reading this blog post today :) I hope you are staying safe and enjoying the snow! 

Let me know what snow traditions you have?

Until next time...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello Blogging World!

Well hello blogging world! As you may know if you are reading this, this is my first ever post in bloggers-town! So some of you may be wondering who am I? And what brought me here? What are my intentions for my blog? Well I shall leave you waiting no longer and get them questions answered now!

What Brought Me Here?

I have been very into watching YouTube videos for the past 2 years now. I mean I was like everyone else before, watched the odd video here and there, and typed in music videos of my favourite bands to watch, but then I discovered certain people on YouTube and just like watching the reality shows this country is addicted to these days, I have become hooked on watching regular people on YouTube - people such as: Zoella Sprinkle Of Glitter and Beauty Crush to name just a few. So, through watching their videos and listening to what they had to say, I discovered they each had a blog, so I had a click onto the link and I was introduced to the world of blogging! And needless to say...this becomes addictive too. It is like reading all the favourite bits of your magazines, but for free...on the internet.... and without all the boring parts!

Who Am I?

So now, moving onto who am I? Last June, I posted my first video on YouTube...."12 Accents in 2 Minutes" . I have always done accents throughout my life. With family, with friends and at school and I was always told I was quite alright at them. So eventually I thought...
"Hey let's make a YouTube video of me doing this. I'll be able to hear what I sound like and I can see what reception I get from people who don't know me, and are not just being nice for the sake of it!"
 So that is precisely what I did, and for the most part, all the comments and messages I have had from that video have been good. I am in no way saying I am an expert in accents and voices...because I am not. It is just a hobbie I like to do, and I thought I would share it. So from there I did a couple of other just accent videos which got a few views and again I got some nice feedback from them. Then one day I figured...

"Why am I just doing accent videos, why don't I do something a little different and do various accents in videos like before but  make a larger variety of videos"
So like before...that is just what I did. I don't have loads of videos right now, but I have a few, and I really enjoy making them and sharing tips and advice and what I am liking and what I don't like. I have videos on: nail art tutorials, beauty product reviews, hauls, baking to name a few.

Now I realise that I am being slightly anonymous through my YouTube channel and indeed this blog. The truth is I am not entirely sure why this is. I think perhaps I am not as confident as I would like to be yet at 'exposing' myself online, but in time, that may change! But I like to think you can still enjoy reading my blog posts and watching my videos even though my face is not in it.

About Me

So what is a few random facts about me then?

Well I am 20 years old at the moment, and I was born and still live in England, United Kingdom.
I am 5 foot 5 inches tall. 
I can drive, I have one younger sister. 
I love watching and playing sports. 
I have a big interest in music and going to music concerts.
I love baking (and then eating the baking!)
Since getting into YouTube channels I really have got into beauty, and finding good products and trying out new looks with make-up, nails, hair and so on!

What are my blog intentions?

So my reason for beginning this blog today is:
1. I love reading other peoples so I figured:
"Hey maybe someone will love reading what I have to say too".
2. I have always enjoyed writing. Whether that be to do lists or memories or diaries...writing and remembering is something I like to do. 

3. I thought by what I plan to write about, maybe it can help someone with an idea, their life, money saving, advice on which products to buy and so on.

So now all that has been said, what do I plan to write about? Well I don't think I can limit it to one category, in my mind I want to write about:

  • My reviews of good places to go/visit in the United Kingdom.
  • Baking - tips, tricks, recipes, tutorials.
  • Organising - I am a bit OCD when it comes to having things neat and tidy!
  • Facts of the Week - I love random facts, things that you can tell your friends and make them go "oooh!"
  • Product Reviews - whether it be nail varnish, make up, hair care, skin care, hair tools etc.
  • DVD Reviews.
So if you are reading that list and any of them categories stand out to you, maybe come back for a visit, or follow this blog.

I hope you enjoy what I have to read and we can all chat together about like-minded topics.

Thank you for spending time reading this rather lengthy introduction!

Feel free to post a comment, about your thoughts/experiences from this post. I love to read what you think and I'll be sure to reply to every comment! :) xox