Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quick Drink......A Skittles Milkshake

Now I don't know about you? But I have been a massive fan of milkshakes and milkshake parlors for years and I am very pleased that more and more chain parlors are opening up and down the country!

The list of flavours you can make is unbelievable, there is without a doubt something for every palate! 

I am going to show you in this post how to make my favourite one: The Skittles Milkshake!

And as I am sure you can imagine all you need is:

- Milk

- Vanilla Ice Cream

- Skittles

- A Mixer or Blender

Step 1: Pour half of your skittles packet into a blender or a jug. I use a Pyrex glass measuring jug as it is what my mixer fits into. The hand mixers like this work fine, however, a proper blender definitely does the job quicker and more efficiently! 

Step 2: Add in your ice cream! Now this is entirely up to you how much you want in, the more you add the thicker and creamier it becomes. I put in 2 large scoops of a desert spoon which usually it fine, but occasionally I add in more later!  

Step 3: Time to add in your milk! And again, this is all down to your personal preference to how milky and runny you like it, I add enough milk to hit the 300ml mark in my jug. If you don't add enough the first time, you can always add more later!

Step 4: Turn on your blender or put in your hand mixer and blast it until you can't hear the skittles crunching any more and until everything is blended up together and encoroprated nicely. The longer you do it for the more frothy and airy your milkshake will be. Do it for at least one minute though.

This is also the stage where you can decide whether you want more milk/icecream if so add it in and mix it some more!

Step 5 (the best step): Pour it into a glass and ENJOY!

So that is that! Delightful homemade milkshakes, quick, easy and tasty at home!

Let me know if you try this and post some snaps for me to see!
Do you make your own fancy milkshakes?
What is your favourite flavour to have?!

Until next time,

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