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Hey everyone, thank you for clicking on “About Me” to…well…find a little bit more about me!

I am 21 years of age and I am only a few days into writing my blog when I am typing this out, but so far I am LOVING it! I really like how easy it allows you to express your opinions and thoughts and speak to an audience of like mindedness, and hopefully be of some use to the reader along the way!

The other night I was laid in bed reading blogs (a new routine of mine it seems!) And I thought:

"Why don’t I join this fantastic website? I have made a few videos on YouTube, why don’t I expand my ‘online communication’ to people and create a blog…I passed my GCSE English Language and Literature exams… why not!"
So that is just what I did and that is how I arrived here!

I have decided to write about:
  • Things I like to read myself on blogs – fashion, beauty, baking.
  • Things I have purchased and want to let you know my thoughts about.
  • Things in general I like and enjoy.
  • My hobbies.
  • And just general life things, tips, tricks, advice which I hope can be a help to some of you lovely readers!

As I said previously I am only a few days into writing my blog and already I have nearly got 50 page views….which feels so blooming cool! I never expected 10 people to have a read of it, let alone 50, so I hope all of you who ever visit this blog and have a read will enjoy it and thank you always, for looking and taking time out to comment and show an interest in all the things I have to say.

So onto a few facts about me, if you missed these I listed them in my "initial blog post":

  • I was born and still live in England, United Kingdom.
  • I am 5 foot 5 inches tall.
  • I can drive.
  • I have one younger siser.
  • I love watching and playing sports (however not hockey or golf!)
  • I have a big interest in music and going to music concerts.
  • I love baking and then consequently eating the baking!
  • And since getting into watching YouTube videos, and reading blogs I have really become interested in beauty, finding good products through reviews, and trying out new looks with make-up, nails, hair and so on!

If any of this interests you or they are things you can relate to, I hope you will be able to find a blog  post you enjoy reading!

So here is to the start of my blogging life.

Lots of love, 

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