Hello again! 

Thanks a lot for checking out my blog AccentGirl100, I thoroughly hope you enjoy reading my posts, looking at my pictures and taking in all my thoughts and so on!


If ever you read a post on my blog and consequently feel like you would want to work with me in anyway, please get in touch via one of the sources stated on my “Contact Me” page. I will be sure to respond as quickly as possible, regardless of if it something I wish to take further with you or not.

With also having a YouTube account, I can also create and connect videos to my readers on an additional platform.


If ever I receive or do a blog post review of a particular item/brand/product I will clearly state this with a (*) symbol in the title of the blog post (and indeed the YouTube video if necessary) so you all know that it is a review post.

I will not complete a blog post review until I have given the items a fair enough trial so I am familiar with all of their properties – I feel this way I am properly equipped to discuss the item fully.

My aim of reviews is to aid people in their choices:
  • Should I buy it?
  • Why should I buy it?
  • Will it really live up to what it says on the packaging?
  • What does this colour actually look like?
  • And so on.

I am known to be a very honest and truthful person in my life, so I intend to translate this to my blog. Any review I do will be completely my own thoughts and telling of how it worked/helped/fitted into my life – whether this be in a positive or negative way.

My Blog Readers:
If you ever disagree with my reviews – good or bad points, please accept that people have different opinions, what some people like others may not, but know that what I have said to you has been truly what I have thought through my experiences of use.

Many thanks,

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