Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kenwood Compact CH108A Mini Chopper White – A Review

What's happening guys? Another Sunday afternoon has come round again, it gets to this point so quickly doesn't it?!

Today I am here to inform you all about the "Kenwood Compact CH108A Mini Chopper", what it does, how it works and what I think of it!

So what brought me to this purchase? As you may know from reading my previous posts or my ‘about me’ page, I am a keen baker, and I am always looking for new devices to aid me in my cooking missions! We used to have a huge kenwood mixer, but it was rather old and unfortunately stopped working, so it had to go! Now, I didn’t have (and still don’t!) have the funds to replace the large one, as they are much more expensive, but I did have £19.99 to spare to buy this (link to site)and boy oh boy am I glad I did!

The ‘Experts’ Product Specification:
  •   Made from plastic
  • 300 watts.
  •  It has a 0.35 litre container.
  • It has removable stainless steel blades.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It has a safety locking lid – if the lid isn’t locked, it won’t start!
  • It has a non slip base.

    So What Can You Use It For?

  •      Crushing digestive biscuits for a cheesecake base.
  •      Blitzing bread to crumbs for a treacle tart.
  •      Crushing nuts (as my pictures will later show).
  •      Making cake into crumbs for cake pops.
  •      Making salad dressing.
  •      Cutting up onions.
  •      Garlic.
  •      Spices.
  •      Herbs.
  •     And many more things!
    My Review:
  •     It is affordable being £19.99 at Argos (link is above).
  •     It is small, it doesn't take much space up in your cupboard or on your kitchen top if you decide to keep it out.
  •     It is easy to use - you don't have to spend hours going through instruction manuals before you use it.
  •     It does the job of a large mixer, the only difference being it's size, for example, instead of putting a whole 8 inch cake in, you may only be able to put a quarter in at a time.
  •     It is easy to clean, wash and piece together.
  •     When you mix it is very loud, and you do have to keep your finger on the 'on'  button, or else it will not mix!

One bit of advice I would say though, is personally I wouldn’t mix a baking things with cooking things. This may just be my personal preference, but with how strong garlic and onions are, I wouldn’t want to blitz a cake in it afterwards because of any potential lingering onion odor!

The Packaging

The Packaging

The Packaging

The Packaging

UK Plug
The Size Of The Chopper In Relation To A Standard Cereal Box

All 4 Parts Of The Chopper, The Device, The Blase, The Container And The Lid.

I don't know about you, but I really DO NOT like nuts! But being a 'super food' and extremely good for you, I find them important to have, so I stick some in the chopper usually brazil nuts and walnuts and they come out like the image below, all the goodness there, but much better to taste, I sprinkle them on my weetbix on a morning for my breakfast!

   Hope you found this post useful and informative to help you make a decision!

   Do you have a Kenwood mini chopper? What do you use yours for?

   Untill next time, 


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