Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nike Bruin Trainers - A Review

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How are you all doing? How windy is it at the moment?! Eeek, I feel like the house is going to blow away like Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz!

Anyway, as the title may suggest I am here to show you what I have just bought, and give my thoughts and opinions on it (Detailed pictures will follow right at the bottom)!

So I have just got the womens "NikeBruin Hi" trainers, and I blooming love them! I got them from JD Sports in a size 7 and they were £65.00, here is the link if any of you are interested to check them out.... (JD LINK).

Now I love Nike clothing and footwear. I literally can walk into JD Sports or Sports Direct and see more I like to buy in there than I do if I walk into River Island! 

So, if you are anything like I was, when I bought them yesterday, I was like Nike Bruin's...what are they?! Hi-tops, blazers I've heard of, and to be completely honest, I did go shopping to buy Nike Blazers, and when I tried these on I thought that is what they were...until I asked the shop attendant!

What is the difference then I hear you ask? Well not too much really, because they both have the suede feel to the main trainer, they both come over your ankle and they both come in various colours with the large nike tick on them. However, the blazers are much more padded at the back of the trainer, it is much thicker and softer, whereas the bruins, the neck of the shoe is very thin and harder...this does become a problem and digs in if you point your toe downwards...but lets face it... who either walks around or sits pointing their toe like they are a ballet dancer?! Another difference is the white edge around the circumference of the shoe (I don't know it's technical name!!) On the blazers it is textured bumpy to run your hand over, whereas the bruins it is a smooth edge all around.

My Review: 

I would say that:
-  Nike Bruins are more delicate and girlie than the blazers (I think that's why I opted for them!) and also the purple colour I preferred to the ones which were available in the shop for the blazers.
- They are comfy to wear...although it does take a while to get used to a high trainer to be surrounding your ankle, especially if you are not used to it.
- They feel like they are made really well, they feel strong and sturdy and have a good grip on the sole.

- My only negative is the tongue in the trainer. It isn't sewn up all the way around so you can see a yellow sponge in between it and the fabric does seem to fray a little. I'm not sure why Nike have made them like this. I asked the shop assistant, as I did think it was an error with the shoes I was trying on. He replied though saying "oh no it is how they are made, we have actually had a few customers return the trainers thinking it is an error with their pair" The shop are unable to refund them though, as it is how they are made.

Here is the yellow sponge tongue....I'm not a fan of this aspect of the trainer!


I would say shop around for these first if you are wanting them. It has taken me over a month to buy them, cos let's face it £65 is not cheap! Different shops do different prices, colours and styles so don't buy the first pair you see, maybe remember what you have seen in that shop, then head to the next street to that shop to look there too.

I have seen them stocked in:
JD Sports

Also the nike website (nike customise link) obviously sell them and for an additional £10 you can customise your shoe, you can add your name to the back, choose what colour you want the main trainer to be and indeed the famous nike tick, you can choose what laces you want and many more features! I think this is so cool and a great feature nike allow!

I hope this review has helped some of you make a decision or has just been informative about the Nike Bruins!
If you go to buy some... happy shopping!

Please leave comments below if you are thinking of buying some, or already have, what colours do you have?

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    1. Hey Lizzie :) Aaah thanks, I know, I still can't quite believe they are mine! Haha. Thank you so much for following, I'm loving your blog too, just had a good nosey and followed :) xx

  2. Really great review!! xx



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