Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter :)

Hiya lovelies :)

How are you all?

I am going to be rather delayed in getting my blog posts up again, my college work schedule at the moment is CRAZY! I have so so much work to do, and once I have spent hours on the laptop doing that, I just cannot face spending anymore time on it writing a blog post! Which is annoying as I love writing blog posts and I find them easy to write, like they just come to you don't they!? You can soon accumulate many words on your page without doing much thinking at all, whereas essays and work tasks for homework, oh my goodness! I sit here for hours sometimes thinking "200 words to go" or "how on earth do I answer that question?" 

Is it just me who is like that?! 

Anyway I have plenty of ideas in my mind for blog posts, I keep jotting ideas down, and taking pictures of things as appropriate to share with you all once I get a free period in work!

So I wanted to say HAPPY EASTER to you all, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and Monday with your families or friends, or going out whatever you decide to do, and I hope the easter bunny pays you all a visit!
Have a great time and eat too much chocolate! :D

Lots of love,


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  2. I know its late but I hope you had a lovely Easter!


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