Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow, Snow and Snowy Facts!

Hello again blogging world, now if you are reading this and you live in the United Kingdom, or perhaps happen to know some of the UK's weather... you will know at the moment we are covered in.... SNOW!

I have to say alot of people make a whole heap of fuss when the snow hits England, every radio station is talking about it (well all the news ones at least). We have to have specialist experts in on the TV to say:

"Don't travel if you don't need to"
 The country is like it goes on shut down....not everyone is like this but a big portion are!

I think, yes it can cause problems and make things more difficult like having to de-frost your car, or sweep snow off it, and wear more layers and stuff, and just generally be colder, but really, it doesn't stop the world from turning and the day from starting...I say...

"People just get on with it! If it hinders you a little bit, remember it won't be here forever and just enjoy it and appreciate it and enjoy all the snowy things you can!"

Now in my initial blog post, I said I am going to give you some Facts... so why not make it some snowy facts!

  • Snow flakes have a top speed of falling 1.7 metres per second.
  • Snow flakes are a hexagon shape, but the majority of them are not symmetrical, this is due to uneven temperatures when falling, dirt and other factors which causes them to be lopsided.
  • On the 2nd February 2009, enough snow fell in the UK for everyone to make 250,000 snowballs each!
  • Having the fear of snow is called: Chionophobia.

I had a day off today (not a snow day, just a general day off!), so I took full advantage of that and went for a walk in the snow and I have attached a few pictures from my snow day...hope you enjoy them :) 
I made a snow angel today! 

How pretty does the snow make everything look?!

How perfect is this tree?!

Thank you for reading this blog post today :) I hope you are staying safe and enjoying the snow! 

Let me know what snow traditions you have?

Until next time...


  1. You made a pretty good snow angel! I always fail at them haha! x


  2. Haha thanks :) my first time at doing one today... I'm putting it down to beginners luck! X love your blog btw checked it out earlier and followed :) x

  3. We have also got some snow in germany ;)

    1. Ooh do you? Is it quite deep where you are? Looks pretty doesn't it! Stay warm :) x

  4. OMG, what a beautiful beautiful place! I always wished I lived in a place like that! Lovely blog ^_^

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely day out...advantage of snow...everywhere is quiet! :) x


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